Colour Class #6Exploring colour consistency in design with Montana x Color Connaisseur


In the latest instalment of our Colour Class series, we revisit the captivating home of Céline, founder of Color Connaisseur, nestled in a listed apartment by Nyhavn in Copenhagen. The objective was to curate a cosy living room with multifunctional purposes. The challenge lay in seamlessly blending a seating area, dining space, storage for additional kitchenware, a bookshelf, and a passageway – all while maintaining a tranquil and minimalist atmosphere, even amidst the introduction of vibrant elements.

This Colour Class delves into how, despite the lively elements, the overall ambience maintains its serenity through the consistent use of the same colour across various surfaces and the repeated integration of colours in both the interior and artwork. Join us in exploring the delicate balance between vibrancy and calmness in this distinctive living space.

Despite the vibrant elements, the overall ambience remains calm due to the consistent use of the same colour across many surfaces and the repeated incorporation of colours in the interior and artwork.

Céline Hallas

Location: The home of Céline, founder of Color Connaisseur, in a listed apartment right next to Nyhaun in Copenhagen.

Mission: Our goal was to establish a visually tranquil and stylish bedroom while still embracing vibrant colours. The project's challenge also lay in the fact that the apartment's aged, lacquered floors have a strong yellow hue and need to be integrated into the limited colour scheme.

Colours: To establish a serene colour foundation in the project, all walls and woodwork were painted in the same delicate shade of blue, including the bed. This was done to create a calm colour backdrop that complements and shares undertones with the bolder blue hues we need to accommodate. The grand Montana cabinet, ceiling, and curtains boast different colours, but their reddish undertone effortlessly ties them together without matching.

The warm yellow floor colour is beautiful, but to avoid it contrasting too much with the blue, we echo its tone in the picture frame and bedside table. Despite the use of several bold colours, everything appears visually tranquil, allowing us to introduce the wild print in the cushion fabric to complete the project.

The room exudes tranquillity despite the various shades of blue and yellow. Notice that they all share the same reddish undertone, ensuring harmony even among the blues and yellows.

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