HLO3H140 work desk

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  • Danish production
  • EU Ecolabel certified
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HLO3H140 work desk details

The HiLow 3 table has a clean design and is a versatile table for office environments or in the home office. HiLow 3 has a square profile and is available in 7 sizes – find a limited selection of sizes online. The frame foot is made of polyamide PA6 30% glass (reused material). The table top has the classic Montana rounded profile – however, the smallest size has straight, cut-off edges.
Peter J. Lassen & Joakim Lassen

Colours and materials — Tabletop surfaces

HiLow 2, HiLow 3, HiLow Double, and HiLow Conference

Micro laminate

  • 38M Snow
  • 02M Fjord


  • 38 Snow
    Look: Matt/ Feel: Structure
  • 38S Snow Silk
  • 09 Nordic
  • 02L Fjord
  • 04 Anthracite
  • 110 Blue Pastel
  • 157L Cumin


  • Black/Forbo 4023
  • Grey/Forbo 4132
  • Light Grey/Forbo 4176
    Look: Matt/Feel: High Structure
  • Anthracite/Forbo 4166
  • Mauve/Forbo 4172
  • Burgundy/Forbo 4154
  • Salsa/Forbo 4164
  • Smokey Blue/Forbo 4179
  • Pistachio/Forbo 4183

Nano laminate

  • Black Nano
    Look: Matt Shimmer/Feel: Structure
  • Clay Nano
  • Blue Fes


  • White Oak
  • Nature Oak
  • Black Oak

Colours and materials — Frame

HiLow 2, HiLow 3, HiLow Double, and HiLow Conference

HiLow 2 + HiLow Conference

  • 38 Snow
    Look: Matt/ Feel: Structure
  • 05 Black
    Look: Semi Gloss/Feel: Smooth
  • 43P Aluminium
  • 44C Chrome
  • 38 Snow
    Look: Matt/ Feel: Structure
  • 05 Black
    Look: Semi Gloss/Feel: Smooth

Frame DL11

Colours available for frame with DL11 columns at an additional charge.

  • 147 Shadow
    Look: Velvet/ Feel: Smooth
  • 136 Pine
    Look: Matt/Feel: High Structure
  • 07 Black Red
  • 15 Beige

Werkhalle Ravensburg Offices — A location from the industrial age turned into a modern creative hub

An old factory facility turned into an open and multi-functional space with workstations for creatives. Although thoroughly renovated the space still has an industrial rawness to it. Montana has delivered Hilow 2 tables for the workstations.

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