Montana Lockers — Maximise office space and functionality

Montana Lockers – personal storage for the flexible work environment

Montana Lockers are smart personal storage solutions that maximise the space and functionality of a locker and support all the benefits of a flexible environment. Montana Lockers can be adapted to suit any kind of office, gym, or schools as well as other types of public activity spaces.

Montana Lockers can be fitted with a key-operated lock, combination lock or electronic battery-operated lock, which is operated with a chip card.

Designer:  Peter J. Lassen

Available in 4 standard sizes

The Montana Lockers are smart, personal storage space solutions that allow a lot of storage in minimal space. Lockers come in 4 standard sizes in two depths 38.8 and 47.6 cm, in two widths  70.4 and 106.6 cm and two heights 138.8 and 184.4 cm.

The lockers can be mounted on the wall or on a plinth, different locking solutions and mechanisms can be embedded. The suspension rail for the lockers is reinforced and cannot be retrofitted. Plinths are available in height 7 cm and are a specially reinforced version.

Montana Lockers are available in all of Montana's 40 lacquer colours and can be applied with decal numbers placed either vertically or horisontally.  If you are in doubt and would like to discuss sizes and colours, please contact one of our retailers.

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Montana Lockers is eco-friendly

The Montana Lockers carry the official EU Ecolabel and is covered by a 10-year guarantee. The objective of the label is to look at the product’s entire life cycle, from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal to reduce the environmental impact. Read more about Montana's other certifications and general environment and quality policy.

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Rent a locker and enjoy a stress-free evening out

Royal Arena is an iconic building in Copenhagen dedicated to entertainment. It houses 16.000 guests. Montana provided locker modules with electronic locks servicing the many concert-goes and sport spectators of the house. 

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