Montana TV & Sound — A series specially designed for the storage of hi-fi systems

Enjoy the visual silence with functional TV furniture.

Enjoy your high resolution TV and crisp surround sound without the clutter of cables, remote controls and other electronic devices and accessories. Store it all away in a classic and beautiful storage solution, designed to suit your needs. Choose between several TV-modules in depth 30 and 38 cm in 40 water-based lacquer colours.

The Montana TV & Sound modules are fitted with a perforated retractable door makes it possible to operate electronic equipment through the closed door, and provides better air circulation around the devices. The door has no handles; to open, push lightly at the bottom and slide it up under the top of the unit. The back panels of the TV-modules are fitted with a round slot for a cable grommet to connect the unit to the power socket. The shelf has a slot for cabling between equipment into the unit.

Designer:  Peter J. Lassen

Customize your TV-module

Choose freely whether your TV module should be grip-free and with push function or with grips in one of Montana's colours. It is also possible to choose whether to position the configuration on legs, plinth, castors or suspension rails. If you are in doubt and would like to discuss positions and colours, please contact one of our retailers. 

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Eco-friendly design

The Montana TV & Sound modules carry the official EU Ecolabel and is covered by a 10-year guarantee. The objective of the label is to look at the product’s entire life cycle, from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal to reduce the environmental impact. Read more about Montana's other certifications and general environment and quality policy.

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Montana creates opportunities – not solutions

Back in 1982, Peter J. Lassen founded the family company, Montana Furniture. Montana is based on Lassen’s philosophy; that every one of us has a need for freedom to create our own personal spaces. Hence, the now well-known “Making room for personality” became the natural slogan for the new box of freedom.

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