Colour Class #5Navigating colour in small spaces 


In this fifth session of Colour Class, we explore a charming apartment nestled in a serene courtyard in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, home to Nicklas and Jonas along with their two dogs, Buddy and Mikkel. The objective was to fashion a family room that radiates the vibrancy of its residents while maintaining a serene atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from the colours of the progressive Danish design palette of the 1950s, this space adopts a "more is more" approach to colours. Join us to uncover the art of incorporating a plethora of colours into a confined space, all while ensuring a harmonious colour palette.

This small room is a splendid example of how much colour one can incorporate into a limited space if the colour palette is harmonious.

Céline Hallas

Location: In a courtyard in Frederiksberg, surrounded by beautiful classical buildings, sits a small house with this petite apartment, enveloped in greenery and tranquillity. Here, you'll discover the warmest home of Nicklas and Jonas and their two dogs, Buddy and Mikkel.

Mission: Creating a family room that, despite its small size and integration with the kitchen, could be as vibrant as its inhabitants yet still serene. Since the room has doors leading to a green area, it was key to seamlessly blend the indoor and outdoor elements.

Colours: Despite the home's compact size, the goal has been to create a space without white surfaces, painting everything with vibrant colours. This main room is an integral part of a larger colour scheme, approached with bold strokes and a "more is more" attitude towards colours.

The entire home is united by the red-painted floor, creating a beautiful thread throughout and setting the tone for the complete colour palette. The walls in the dining area are painted in a light and fresh yellow, providing a solid foundation for the rest of the room's colours without creating too much contrast with the white kitchen modules. Combi ned with the brown ceiling, it generates a refreshing yet cosy vibe. The cosy atmosphere is accentuated by the green-painted wooden doors, seamlessly blending with the surrounding colours with their yellow undertone.

All doors leading to the outdoors as well as windows are coated in a different green hue with blue undertones, creating a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors during the summer.

In the centre of the room sits a beautifully light blue table surrounded by airy cream-coloured Panton One chairs, forming a striking statement amidst the surrounding colours. Apart from the dining table and chairs, the meticulously curated space features only a small sofa, a mirror, and a Montana shelf.

This small room is a splendid example of how much colour one can incorporate into a limited space if the colour palette is harmonious.

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