Material overview — Leather and textiles

Montana’s textiles and leather variants are available as upholstery for our chair assortment. The textiles are from Kvadrat, and the leathers are from Sørensen Leather, Camo Leathers and Nevotex. Other textiles and leathers can be provided on request.


The textiles for Montana’s product range have been carefully selected from 7 different textile families from Kvadrat. Below you will find facts about the durability and sustainability of the textile families. All textiles except Sabi are certified with the official European EU Ecolabel certification.

  • Martinedale: Measuring unit indicating the durability of the textile. Textiles used in public spaces are recommended to have a Martinedale over 50,000 cycles. Kvadrat Textiles are known for their high score in Martinedale.
  • Pilling: Term describing the small nodules or “balls” of fiber that are formed on the surface of the fabric over time due to wear and tear. The higher the score, the less pilling.
  • Lightfastness: Term describing how well a textile resists bleaching from light. The lightfastness scale goes from 1-8, 8 being is best.


Montana offers leathers from Sørensen Leather, Camo Leathers, and Nevotex, each of these offering three types of leather: Aniline, which is made from the most high-end rawhide, Semi Aniline, which has a slightly transparent surface finish, and Protected, which has a special surface treatment that protects against wear and tear.