Creative Challenge 2020 — Frame x Montana

In the beginning of 2020, designers and architects around the world were challenged to design a workspace that breaks down boundaries and help redefine the future of work. Together with Frame and colour expert Margrethe Odgaard we have selected a winner of the Enter the open-door office competition. 

The winning spatial concept

“Everybody In”, by Kathrine Barbro Bendixen of Studio KBB and Tanita Klein uses the Montana System’s adaptable furniture components to create five visual “personalities”, interpreted into faces. All placed in one room: the “Greeting Optimist”, the “Lazy Lounge”, the “Efficient Workaholic”, the “Organized Know-it-all” and the “Social Club”.

The various “personalities” are divided by function, each with a unique colour combination while the rest of the space is kept in one shade, to emphasize the individuality of the pieces. With this spatial concept Studio KBB and Tanita Klein wish to create an open-to-all, welcoming environment that personifies objects to challenge the normal structure of the office.

Visit Frame's website to read the interview with Margrethe Odgaard about the winning proposal.

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Colours in collaboration with Margrethe Odgaard

Consisting of 40 water-based hues and two veneers, the Montana colour scheme explores how the colours relate to one another, to our bodies, to other materials, and to their spatial surroundings. All designers who participated in the challenge were asked to use the palette, considering its potential effect on mind-set and productivity.

Montana's 42 colours

Creative proposals from the shortlist

Several concepts stood out on the shortlist for the Enter the open-door office competition.

“Atarashii Arbejdsplads” by Kathryn Larsen and William Qian divided the room into pools of strong, vibrant colours and used the Montana System for tall, expressive sculptures, thereby creating a fascinating flow in the space.

“Unity” by Eva González de Yanes, Dylana Kim and Shin Young Kang also stood out as runner-ups. They had an idea for a single intricate yet multifunctional sculpture with modules stacked and suspended. The room was proposed to be a dark, green backdrop – bringing the outdoors inside.

Studio Emily Broom’s creative proposal also stood out on the shortlist. She suggested the room to be wrapped in dark and dense shades to serve as a backdrop for the Montana System compositions in the colours Cumin and Camomile. The soothing atmosphere and the furniture in the selected colours created small sparks of hope in the darkness.

Experience a run-through of the shortlist below.