Montana's Literature Prize
— Innovative Danish

Montana has been celebrating Danish literature for many years by highlighting and honouring the works of some of the very best contemporary authors in the country. This year's celebration and award show took place at the Black Diamond on March 6th, 2023.

Sparking conversation  and renewal

The ten nominated books for Montana's Literature Prize 2022 are innovative and unique. This is a requirement for being considered for the award. They all make striking conversational partners - or starting points for conversations. The latter is not a formally adopted requirement but a side benefit that comes with the requirement for renewal.

The nominees

Jesper Vaczy Kragh — IQ 75 - Erling og åndssvageforsorgen
Rasmus Nikolajsen — Måske sjælen
Kristina Nya Glaffey — To the Modern Man
Lisbeth Smedegaard Andersen — Bibelens kvinder
Lars Frost — De forenede/A constitutional
Nanna Storr-Hansen — Bøgetid
Cecilie Lind — Pigedyr
Rasmus Daugbjerg — Trold
Jens Martin Eriksen — Natten er Jordens skygger
Jens Christian Grømdahl – Fra i nat sover jeg på taget

About the prize

Montana's Literature Prize was established in 2006 by the Danish newspaper Dagbladet Information. The prize is sponsored by Montana Furniture and amounts to DKK 100,000.

Each year, Montana's Literature Prize is awarded to a Danish author of current literature who is innovative within their genre, or who manages to portray reality in a new and surprising way. The award can be given to fiction publications, collections of essays, non-fiction books, biographies, and comics.

For the 2022 award ceremony, the committee that has selected the books and appointed the recipient of the award consists of: Kamilla Löfström, Tue Andersen Nexø, Bodil Skovgaard Nielsen, Erik Skyum-Nielsen, and Anita Brask Rasmussen.

The winner was presented on March 6th, 2023, in connection with the big awards party in the Black Diamond, where you also had the chance to meet and see all the nominated authors read from their works. 

In collaboration with Dagbladet Information and the Royal Danish Library

It is as if Nanna Storr-Hansen’s poems have been here since the Iron Age – and were born yesterday. And will be born again tomorrow.

The prize committee

Nanna Storr-Hansen

Montana’s Literature Prize 2022 went to Nanna Storr-Hansen for her poetry collection Bøgetid (Birch Time). The work’s dizzying nature perspective and completely unusual tone of language were highlighted by the committee at the award ceremony.

Nanna Storr-Hansen (b. 1991) has published several novels, short stories, and essays. Her writing often focuses on themes of identity, belonging, family dynamics, and the power of nature.

Fotographer: Martin Johanssen, 2021