Timeless Stripes — Mads Nørgaard x Montana

Montana presents an exciting collaboration with the esteemed Danish fashion brand Mads Nørgaard. The partnership celebrates the essence of Scandinavian design – functional, timeless, and Danish-made quality – with a mutual passion for colours.

At the core of this collaboration lies Mads Nørgaard's signature striped textile, expertly incorporated in the rich tones of Ruby and Balsamic, two standout colours from Montana's palette.

About Mads Nørgaard

Mads Nørgaard – Copenhagen, founded in 1986 by designer and Copenhagen native Mads Nørgaard, is a fashion house that draws inspiration from the city's diversity, art, and culture. With a particular passion for stripes and fashion, it offers collections that cater to all ages and genders, all produced with care for quality, the environment, and healthy ideals.

"We are thrilled to partner with Montana Furniture to bring our signature stripes into the realm of furniture design," says Mads Nørgaard. "I grew up with the Kevi office chair and my parents and I have always admired its style, functionality, and longevity. We are very proud to see the chairs wear our stripes."