Montana Cargo Extendable storage modules for the office

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Cargo storage modules for a tranquil and individual workplace

The Cargo modules are suited for creating a tranquil workspace at the individual workplace. The interior of Montana Cargo is versatile. The Cargo modules are available in the heights 70.4 cm and 114 cm and the widths 80 cm and 90 cm in Montana's 41 lacquer colours.

The series is part of the Montana CO16 System, which consists of 16 mm MDF and is certified with the Danish Indoor Climate label as well as the official EU Ecolabel.

Designer:  Peter J. Lassen

About the series

The Cargo modules are available in the widths 80 and 90 cm in Montana's 41 lacquer colours. The unit can be supplied with a lock when used for personal storage. The module inside the garage has a width of 70.4 cm that is fully extendable with a soft-close extension and two castors mounted under the module that ensures stability and makes the module easy to move around.

L/R indicates the direction of extension left (L) and right (R). Right indicates that the module is placed on the user's right side, opening towards the user. Left indicates that the module is placed on the user's left side, opening towards the user. Two-way Cargo modules can be used from both the left and right sides. D indicates that a Cargo is two-way. 

Montana Cargo standard modules have handle-free push-to-open drawers and pen trays. The drawer casing is made of white-pigmented solid wood. Pen trays have casing in white lacquered MDF. Drawers and pen trays can be positioned throughout the module. Top modules are available for Cargo. Top modules also come in widths 80 and 90 cm, in two heights – 24.8 and 36.2 cm.

Our design requirements and quality control ensures that Montana, when used correctly, last for a lifetime. Therefore, we offer a 10-year guarantee on Montana Cargo.

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AAB — Versatile storage solutions for the office area

AAB Silkeborg is a public housing administration that develops, rents, and administrates housing in the area of Central Jutland. Montana has delivered workstations with Cargo modules with lacquered glass top panels.

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