Montana Bathroom — A series of well-designed bathroom furniture

Create a bathroom that soaks you in luxury. Every morning and every night.

Montana Bathroom is a complete and flexible system that includes 10 sinks and 10 storage modules. The series is made from 12 mm water-resistant MDF. All modules, handles, and doors can be chosen in all of Montana’s 41 water-based lacquer colours.

The series is part of the original Montana System and is certified with the Danish Indoor Climate label.

Designer: Peter J. Lassen

A flexible system

Montana gives you the opportunity to fashion your bathroom into a space that reflects you. Softly and with refinement. Montana Bathroom includes 10 sinks and 10 storage modules.

The Montana sink modules come in various sizes with seamlessly integrated sinks. The Montana sink modules are made from 12 mm rector®, a white, massive composite with a silky surface. 

As standard, the modules come with the cylindrical G7 handle with a frosted acrylic disc, but they are also available with a push function or the cylindrical G6 handle.

It is possible to purchase Montana Bathroom products at selected Montana retailers. Check below where you can buy Montana Bathroom.

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Choose from 41 colours

Montana Bathroom gives you every opportunity to create a bathroom environment that is complete and unique and exudes a feeling of well-being by combining sink modules with cabinets, drawers and mirrors.

In 2019 Montana became one of the first European furniture manufacturers to receive the EU Ecolabel based on the sustainable life-cycle of our products. An achievement we've been working towards for the last 25 years. Choose all elements in one colour or use the colour palette to create personal details. All modules, mirrors, handles and doors can be chosen in all of Montana’s 41 lacquer colours.

The Montana Colours

Sink colours

Montana Bathroom has countertops with seamlessly integrated sinks in the material RECTOR in both white, beige with dark and white grains, and black with light coloured grains. All colours can be mixed and matched in many ways with the Montana palette.

The tabletop is delivered as standard with a 35 mm taphole positioned in the centre of the sink. The drawer underneath the sink has a hole for the valve. If you wish to deviate from the standard this should be specified in the order. Sink units are prepared for mounting on the wall.