Inside the creative mind of — Tekla Evelina Severin

Colourist and photographer Tekla Evelina Severin lives south of the island Södermalm in central Stockholm. In the midst of endless forest and nearby the small Söderbysjön lake, Tekla lives with her boyfriend in a 65 sq. m. big rental apartment only a bike ride away from the vibrant city center. Read along for a look inside the creative mind of Tekla.

Colourful interior for an easy living

Living in a rental apartment challenges Tekla in the creative process of decorating. Instead of a large scaled renovation of the kitchen and the bathroom, she turns to furniture and paint when creating a colourful interior. Working with a more fragmented approach, Tekla feels that her home seems more fun, easy living and less serious.

I find my way of decorating very temporary, and not so much a picture-perfect themed home interior
Tekla Evelina Severin

Cheerful colours

Tekla describes herself as a bit too serious sometimes, and she is therefore always trying to make herself more eased, spontaneous and cheerful. Her work with colours, interior and imagery is definitely helping with this.

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Tekla's three favourites

We challenged Tekla to choose three of her favourite colours from our new colour palette representing her personality. Tekla went with the colours Rhubarb, Iris and Cumin. Rhubarb represents Tekla’s bubbly and playful side and Iris matches her dreamy softness. The third colour, Cumin, expresses her calm, down-to-earth qualities.

To Tekla it’s very important with a colourful interior, and she states that it’s general for all human beings; “it’s part of our heritage, and the most stressful non-colour is actually white, since it isn’t natural for us as humans.” Tekla feels inspired and comfortable, cheerful and alive when she surrounds herself with colours. She loves observing the changing scenery the colours offer during the day and all the new shades they reproduce in different lighting.

You should think of a colour as a relation

Colours are always corresponding with their surroundings and creating a constant dialogue. Tekla advices you to think in different materials and textures to create a deeper dimension; glossy, matt, hairy, woven and transparency. Play around and don’t be afraid to try things out.

There are many great colour books to be inspired by. Tekla shot the cover and has several photos represented inside the book “Who’s afraid of pink, orange and green” by Irene Schampaert. Tekla’s latest purchase is “Palette Perfect” by Lauren Wager. The book offers a wide range of palettes, so you can easily find one to suit your style. Match the palette with colours from Montana’s range of 43 colours.

Montana's 43 colours

Tekla's advice – Explore yourself and your home

Do you want to learn some tips and tricks from Tekla? “Do a ‘Marie Kondo’ on yourself and your home. Ask yourself what you want the function to be for the said room – and what sparks your joy. Do you have a favourite chair in the room? If you like that specific coloured chair, why not build the room’s entire colour palette around this.”

Tekla encourages you to paint the walls and remember to test the colour. She always buys at least five different colour samples before choosing the right colour for her walls.

Colour is always relative – not absolute. No matter what colour you choose, it will never look the same, it simply depends on what you place it next to.

Tekla Evelina Severin