The Montana Colours — A colour palette of 42 poetic colours

Colours mean everything. Ambience. Atmosphere. Identity. Colours are paramount in our design. We want to influence and inspire the world of interiors with our take on colours. Bright and light. Dense and deep. There is a colour for any purpose.

A colour is no better than the company it is in – 42 unique colours that make great company


Create the Montana composition of your dreams with Montana's colour palette. The new palette features a range of poetic and complex colours – all created to appeal to both your visual sense and your emotions. Choose between 40 environmentally friendly lacquer colours and two veneers: a total of 42 variants.

Eco-friendly colours

Since 2007, we have exclusively used water-based lacquer colours, which neither smell nor contain solvents. In addition, Montana recently achieved the EU Ecolabel, making the company among the first furniture manufacturers in Europe. The EU Ecolabel includes the entire Montana System, the CO16 and the Montana Free Shelving System. Montana is also awarded the Indoor Climate label by the Danish Technological Institute.

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A body-mind philosophy – 42 poetic colours 

Every eight years, Montana develops a new colour palette. Our current palette was created in collaboration with colour expert Margrethe Odgaard. Read more about Margrethes creative process towards a new and more sensual colour palette.

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Just as the modules offer infinite possibilities for combination, the colours also need to be able to be mixed and matched

Margrethe Odgaard

Replenishment guarantee 

Montana's colour palette is extensive and we have expanded and changed colours many times since our start in 1982. Therefore we have a replenishment guarantee so you for up to 10 years may order the colours that you have chosen. Learn more about the replenishment guarantee through Montana’s retailers.

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Inside the creative mind of – Cathrine de Lichtenberg

To Cathrine a colourful interior makes her happy to the core. “Our home is our sanctuary and playground, and there are no rules of right or wrong.” She believes that everyone would be happier if they lived with all their favourite things and colours – even if it challenges all the rules in the “design book”.

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