Furniture accessories

Panton Wire suspension rails 2 pcs.

Colour: StainlessMaterial: Steel

TOP105 top panel

Colour: FlintMeasurements: W 105.2 x H 1.2 x D 30 cm

TOP139 top panel

Colour: CoalMeasurements: W 139.4 x H 1.2 x D 30 cm

MTOP24 marble top panel

Colour: White MarbleMeasurements: W 139.4 x H 1.2 x D 30 cm

TOP209 top panel

Colour: FjordMeasurements: W 209.1 x H 1.2 x D 30 cm

Montana Free bookend 2 pcs.

Colour: Black

TOP174 top panel

Colour: BlackMeasurements: W 174.9 x H 1.2 x D 30 cm

TOP069 top panel

Colour: RosehipMeasurements: W 69.6 x H 1.2 x D 30 cm

MTOP06 marble top panel

Colour: White MarbleMeasurements: W 35.4 x H 1.2 x D 30 cm

Renew your Montana – Add new legs, castors, shelves, back panels and more.

MTOP12 marble top panel

Colour: Black MarbleMeasurements: W 69.6 x H 1.2 x D 30 cm

SHWIRE Panton Wire feet

Colour: BlackMaterial: Plastic

Montana Mini MSQ mirror

Colour: MushroomMeasurements: Ø 35 x W 35 x H 35 x D 1 cmMaterial: 8 mm lacquered MDF

AROUND mirror

Colour: IrisMeasurements: Ø 69.6 x SH 69.6 x D 1.2 cmMaterial: 12 mm lacquered MDF

SHELFIE mirror with shelf

Colour: AzureMeasurements: W 46.8 x H 69.6 x D 9.9 cmMaterial: 12 mm water-resistant laquered MDF

LOOK oval mirror

Colour: TurmericMeasurements: W 69.9 x H 46.8 x D 1.6 cmMaterial: 12 mm lacquered MDF

Montana Mini MCI mirror

Colour: RhubarbMeasurements: Ø 35 x SH 35 x D 1 cmMaterial: 8 mm lacquered MDF

FIGURE oval mirror

Colour: AmberMeasurements: W 46.8 x H 138 x D 1.6 cmMaterial: 12 mm lacquered MDF

Coat rack – K812

Colour: AmberMeasurements: W 46.8 x H 10 x D 1.2 cm

Montana Mirror – a series of mirrors in different sizes and shapes.

Noticeboard BM12 magnetic board

Colour: TurmericMeasurements: W 69.6 x H 69.6 x D 1.2 cm

MB126 Legs 4 pcs.

Colour: FlintMeasurements: H 12.6 cmPosition: Legs H12.6 cm

Montana's 40 colour samples

Colour: ingen farveMeasurements: W 8 x H 8 x D 5 cm

OP12 Suspension rail

Colour: WhiteMeasurements: W 69.6 cm

Drawer divider 621A

Colour: WhiteMeasurements: H 5.5 x D 38 cm

Drawer divider 621B

Colour: WhiteMeasurements: D 30 cm
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Components for Montana

Montana offers a selection of accessories that are customised to fit the various series. Accessories add additional functionality to your module and can be used to personalise and customise it to your needs. Add a magnetic notice board to your office. To create order and organise dressers, cabinets and drawers, we offer drawer dividers in various sizes that can be used to store items, regardless of whether storage is needed in the living room, office, bedroom or dining room. In addition, we offer storage boxes, mirrors in many sizes, cushions for Pantonova and top panels for Panton Wire, Montana Mini and Montana Selection.

Panton Wire accessories

Expand your Panton Wire bookcase with suspended shelves, inlay shelves and top panels. The suspended wire shelf allows you to create a bookcase that fits your home, whether large or small, high or low. With the top panel, you can transform your Panton Wire into a coffee table for the living room, a bedside table or a side table for the sofa. The inlay shelf creates a surface on which you can place a jewellery box, lamp, vase or plant. Our top panels and inlay shelves are available in several colours, as well as in glass and marble, so you can find a style that suits your home.

Montana Free accessories

Complement your Montana Free system with accessories. If you use your Montana Free bookcase as a room divider, you can add textile panels in a colour that matches your interior and other furniture. Add bookends to your bookcase to beautifully display your books. Or add drawers for storing important papers, cables and other things you prefer to hide away.

Montana Mini accessories

The Montana Mini top panels are available in two sizes. Top panels can be used to protect the module from scratches from keys, for example. The top panels are available in 10 selected colours and two lengths, which are designed to be placed on top of either one or two modules from the Montana Mini series. Choose a module and top panel in two different colours for a more playful expression or create a calmer and more neutral look, depending on what best suits the other furniture in your living room, children's room, bedroom, kitchen or dining room. /p>

Pantonova accessories

Whether you have a single Pantonova as a chair or have assembled several units into a bench, you can add classic, functional cushions. The cushions add extra comfort and are available in the materials leather, velvet or woven textile. The cushion is fastened around the wire with press studs. Cushions are available for the three chair modules: Linear, Concave and Convex.

Montana 12 mm system

To personalise your interior, you can add accessories to your Montana bookcase, dresser or sideboard. Choose whether your shelf should stand on legs, a plinth, castors or have suspension rails. Complement your Montana bookcase with a notice board. The notice board is magnetic and is available in the same 40 eco-friendly colours as the rest of the system. You can also add storage boxes and drawer dividers to your cabinet, bookcase or dresser to help keep your things organised.