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The origin of the Kevi design dates back to 1958 when Danish architect Jørgen Rasmussen created the Kevi swivel chair. With the invention of the double-wheel castors, the chair quickly went on to become an international success. After nearly 60 years on wheels, it was time to renew the iconic design, and the four-legged Kevi was born. Besides a range of chairs that vary in size and height, the series also includes stools – in total, 18 variants.
Jørgen Rasmussen

Chalmers University — Sit well, study better

The new facility, which provides a meeting place for education, research, and interaction with the public, is a part of Tracks: Chalmers’ new model of education which will modernize and future-proof studies in a world which is developing ever more rapidly. It will be a place to experience modern challenge-driven learning, extended perspectives, new and innovative approaches, and deeper interdisciplinary collaborations.

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Jørgen Rasmussen

Jørgen Rasmussen was born in Odense on April 26, 1931. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1955 and in 1957, Jørgen and his twin brother, Ib, started their own studio with a focus on single-family houses.

In 1958, Jørgen Rasmussen and his brother began working for KEVI A/S. The twins designed a villa for Kevi’s CEO, Bent Harlang. The chemistry between them was good and they were asked to design chairs for the company. Primarily Jørgen took on this assignment and designed Kevi, which by the 1960s had become a multi-purpose work chair for both the office and home.

"Some chairs are too technical, but with Kevi we have tried to keep it simple to secure a durable and comfortable chair", Jørgen Rasmussen.

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