Montana Mini — A Christmas gift that lasts

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Mini Christmas Candy – A sweet look for the festive season

Montana Mini is a series of versatile storage modules, available in 10 different colours and many variants with shelves, drawers and accesories. With a thickness of just 8 milimeters, the series appears slimmer than the original Montana 12 milimiter system and fits beautifully underneath the Christmas tree.

Explore the Mini Christmas Candy look and let yourself be inspired. Whether you choose a single module or a larger selection of multicoloured squares, with the Montana Mini you can create the perfect storage space for your home. The series consists of several modules with shelves and drawers, open or closed. Montana Mini is certified with the EU Ecolabel.

Designer: Peter J. Lassen

About the series

Montana Mini is available in 10 selected colours and can carry a load of a max of 10 kg. The modules are available with shelves and drawers, open or closed, and measure 35 x 35 x 25 centimetres. The shelves are delivered with suspension. Top panels for one or two shelves are available at an additional price – as well as a plinth for one module.

The variants can be used as stand-alone modules or combined exactly according to your needs and personal style. Complete your Montana Mini look with accessories like mirrors or a notice board from the series. For more information about Montana Mini products or if you need guidance in the different possibilities, you can find help at your nearest Montana retailer.

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With Montana Mini, we’re making our design and craftsmanship accessible to a larger audience. With its many functionalities, we see the Mini as a design product you carry with you all throughout life, from young to old.

Joakim Lassen, CEO

Awarded with the EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel looks at the entire life cycle of a product, from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal, in order to reduce the overall environmental impact. Montana is among the first furniture companies to achieve the esteemed label.

Over 25 years ago, Montana introduced its own set of environmental accounts in collaboration with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, and today the company carries the Danish Indoor Climate Label and the ISO 14001 (environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety) standards. The EU Ecolabel was added to the list in 2019.

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Match your Mini with a colour

The colour palette of the Montana Mini features ten poetic and complex water-based colours, selected from Montana's extensive colour palette.

Every 8 years, Montana develops a new colour palette. Our current palette is created in collaboration with expert and colour alchemist Margrethe Odgaard. Read more about Margrethes creative process towards a new and more sensual colour palette.

The Montana Colours