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Montana Selection is a series of pre-designed storage modules for all rooms

Montana offers versatile storage modules with endless possibilities of combinations. With Montana Selection we have hand-picked a range of functional and creative preconfigured furniture. All you have to do is decide between our 41 colours, and whether you want your furniture on legs, suspension rails, plinth or castors.

The series is certified with the official EU Ecolabel and the Danish Indoor Climate label. The star (*) indicates that the product is made with water-resistant MDF and approved for bathrooms.

Designer:  Peter J. Lassen

About the series

Montana Selection is a series of complete and unique storage modules for the home – from cabinets and bookshelves to mirrors and bedside tables. The series consists of furniture in pre-defined depths and positions, with corpus, back, front and handles in the same colour. That means fewer decisions for you. 

Handles are lacquered and correspond with the front colour. Plinths are available in 3 or 7 cm height. Montana Selection is available with quick-ship (5-8 working days) in 8 specifically chosen colours: Nordic, New White, Pine, Truffle, Fennel, Flint, Cumin, and Oat.

If you want a special variation of a Montana Selection item, most modules and components are available as individual elements that can be built and combined as desired.

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A poetic range of 41 Montana colours

Montana’s functional and flexible system is featured in a range of 41 poetic and complex colours developed in close collaboration with the award-winning Danish designer and colour expert Margrethe Odgaard.

Colours mean everything. Ambience. Atmosphere. Identity. Colours are paramount in our design. We want to influence and inspire the world of interiors with our take on colours. Bright and light. Dense and deep. There is a colour for any purpose.

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