Veneer — Materials and care guide

Find information about the material and a guide on how to maintain Montana’s veneer products. Read more here.

About Veneer

The veneer on modules is oak wood cut in 0.6 mm thickness and glued on an MDF core. The veneer can vary in grain structure and colour. Healthy and closed knots might occur on the surface. Montana veneer is lacquered with a tinted lacquer that is not 100% opaque, as we want to preserve the natural structure, colour, and life on the surface. Since veneer is a natural material, there will be variation in the surface.

The veneer on tabletops is applied with an opaque layer of lacquer to strengthen and close the surface.

The veneer on chairs is a lamination of wood papers bonded with glue added with a sheet of peeled wood and often finished with a lacquer or lazure.

Care and maintenance

Veneer is a natural material, and Montana veneers are always treated with either lacquer or lazure, which seals the veneer surface and makes it less fragile.

Remove dust with a soft, dry cloth. Use a cloth hard-wrung in lukewarm water or neutral detergent for daily cleaning. Always wipe with a clean cloth to remove any liquid leftovers. If using a neutral detergent, remember to follow the dosage specified in the instructions. The detergent must not contain chemical solvents. We recommend that you avoid using dishwashing liquid for daily cleaning, as it leaves a film on the surface. Never use scouring powder, corrosive cleaners, or steel wool on the surface.

In case of difficult stains, it may require a more concentrated detergent solution, and in such a case, we recommended testing at an invisible place to ensure one does not damage the surface.

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