Kevi 2061 Counter

  • Polstringstype: No upholstery
  • Skalfarve: 151 Rhubarb
  • Stelfarve: 151 Rhubarb

EUR 686,29

  • 5 year guarantee
  • Danish Design
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Kevi 2061 Counter details

The origin of the Kevi design dates back to 1958 when Danish architect Jørgen Rasmussen created the Kevi swivel chair. With the invention of the double-wheel castors, the chair quickly went on to become an international success. After nearly 60 years on wheels, it was time to renew the iconic design, and the four-legged Kevi was born. Besides a range of chairs that vary in size and height, the series also includes stools – in total, 18 variants.
Jørgen Rasmussen