Colour Class #3Colour Play and Visual Calmness


In the third session of Colour Class, we delve into the vibrant showroom of POUL STIG BRILLER. Going beyond the surface, our mission involves crafting an identity that harmonises with the distinctive visual DNA of POUL STIG BRILLER. The meeting room, a pivotal element in our Colour Class narrative, transforms into a dynamic platform for experimentation. As a vital component of the comprehensive showroom colour palette, this space effortlessly blends with Montana furniture and the overarching design scheme, providing a canvas for creative expression. Today's class is a testament to the ability of strategic colour play to cultivate visual calmness across diverse surfaces..

A well-maintained colour flow allows for the incorporation of multiple hues without overwhelming the visual experience.

Céline Hallas

Location: The showroom of POUL STIG BRILLER, a renowned Danish optician, is enveloped by colourful historic buildings on Pistolstræde near Strøget in Copenhagen.

Mission: The mission of the room's colourful decor was to gather ideas from several creative minds and already ordered furniture into a cohesive identity that aligns with POUL STIG BRILLER's visual DNA.

Colours: This meeting room is an integral part of a comprehensive colour palette crafted for all spaces within the POUL STIG BRILLER showroom. Our aim was twofold: to choose colours that could serve as an elegant backdrop for the array of Montana furniture pieces while seamlessly blending with the broader colour scheme of other rooms. A well-maintained colour flow allows for the incorporation of multiple hues without overwhelming the visual experience.

Within the showroom, a winding corridor gracefully links the various rooms, including this meeting space. Painted in the sophisticated "Tea with Milk," a rich and delightful beige shade, the corridor sets the tone. The meeting room, despite having visually distracting elements such as numerous electrical outlets, required an atmosphere of visual serenity. Consequently, every surface in the room, from the ceiling and walls to windows, panels, and radiators, was adorned in a harmonious shade of purple. Purple, chosen for its neutral qualities akin to grey, cream, and beige, serves as a unifying base that brings together a spectrum of hues.

To complement this palette, we introduced exquisite beige curtains, offering a warm nod to the corridor's colour and accentuating the beauty of the floors. It's worth noting that even with a relatively bold colour, achieving visual calmness in a room is possible by extending the colour to numerous surfaces. Opting for a uniform purple, including the ceiling, contributed significantly to the room's current state of tranquillity and visual coherence.

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