Moser Table — Versatile, multi-functional and foldable

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A highly versatile and durable table series by Kasper Mose

Moser is a versatile table series that comes in many sizes, both round and rectangular in a range of heights, colours, and finishes. With a modern, light silhouette emphazised by the colour and material choices the table system provides the optimal solution for settings acommodating any number of people.

Created with the contract market in mind for heavy-use situations the Moser Table system supplies the perfect solution in multi-purpose contexts where many features, functionalities, sizes and heights are required. The table blends in well with its softly rounded, yet clear design – the easy operable chair suspension and folding features make it a joy in the day-to-day operations of a busy setting.

Designer: Kasper Mose

Fold, attach, and transport – Moser trolley for easy convenience

The Moser Table series includes a trolley that makes it easy and simple to transport the foldable tables. On one trolley, you can carry and attach seven folded tables in total. View our assembly video guide to see how the tables are folded and attached to the trolley. 

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About the series

The Moser Table comes in 10 rectangular sizes and 3 heights (dining H 74 cm, counter H 90 cm and bar H 105 cm) choose either slanted or linear gable. The Moser table with round table top comes in Ø90, and Ø120. Both in H 74 cm and with the angled gable. All of the Moser Tables are shipped knock down. The tables fold by tipping the table upright and releasing the handle that locks the frame.


The tables with linear gables without overhang constitutes a modern, more simple silhouette. The rectangular tables with slanted gables have overhang and a connecting beam that can be used as footrest on the counter and bar height tables. 

Materials and colours

The frame is available as standard powder coated in Black, Snow, Beige, Black Red, Shadow, Pine or Rosehip. The tabletop is available in linoleum and laminate.

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Kasper Mose

The starting point for the Moser Table series was to create a multi-purpose folding table that answers to many contexts – canteens, restaurants, conference rooms, educational settings – but also for private homes. The Moser Table series seeks to compliment products such as Kevi, Chairik and the Montana System with its endless possibilities.

Kasper Mose is a Danish architect with 15 year’s experience from reputable Danish studios such as Arkitema and Friis and Moltke. In 2020 he established his own design studio. Mose’s approach to design lies in the intersecton between building and furniture, emphasising the importance of the relations between the two.

A multi-purpose table with a light silhouette and graphic simplicity.

Kasper Mose

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