Montana Mirror — A series of mirrors in different sizes and shapes

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Decorative mirrors in 40 eco-friendly colours – for the hallway, living room or bedroom

Montana offers mirrors in many sizes and shapes suitable for any room or space. The mirrors can be hung horizontally and vertically for decorative and functional purposes – alone or combined with Montana cabinets or shelves. Choose from 40 eco-friendly colours.

The series is part of the original Montana System and is certified with the Danish Indoor Climate label and the official EU Ecolabel.

Designer: Peter J. Lassen

About the series

The Montana Mirror series includes mirrors in 23 sizes available for dry rooms. If you are interested in mirrors for wetrooms, please go to our series page Montana Bathroom, which includes mirrors, sinks and storage units in 40 colours for the bathroom and other wetrooms.

The mirrors are made on 4 mm silvered glass on 12 mm MDF with a 12 mm mirror frame. A mirror has four holes for mounting and can be hung vertically and horizontally. It comes with screws for wall-mounting. The mirrors are available in all Montana's 40 lacquer colours.

Only a limited selection from the Montana Mirror series is available online. All other mirrors must be ordered through a Montana retailer.

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