Leather — Materials and care guide

Find information about the material and a guide on how to maintain Montana’s leather products. Read more here.

About Leather

Leather is a strong, flexible, and durable material, making it a great choice for furniture. For Montana chairs, we offer leather from the following suppliers

  • Sørensen Leather
  • Camo Leathers
  • Nevotex

Care and maintenance

Leather is a natural material and with the right care, you can ensure its long-lasting appeal year after year. The care and maintenance of leather depend on how it is used, the conditions of use, and how often it is used. A few simple tips will help preserve the leather’s natural beauty and will make the leather look even more luscious over time.

We recommend regular vacuuming with a soft brush as the best routine maintenance procedure for all leather types.

Clean using soap flakes. Use a 1/2 decilitre of soap flakes to a liter of water. Whip the soap flakes into hot water. When the water reaches room temperature, the foam must be applied all over the leather with a soft cloth. Only use the foam and avoid soaking the leather. When the leather is dry, polish it with a soft, dry cotton cloth. The suede should only be vacuumed and should never be in contact with water or soap.

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