Appetit — A table series in various sizes and shapes

Minimalistic and elegant tables that suit any occasion

Appetit is designed by Morten Engelbrechts. Appetit is available in rectangular, square, elliptical and round, making it a versatile choice that fits a wide variety of contexts.

Designer: Morten Engelbrecht

About the series

Appetit is a light and flexible table with a minimalist feel. This is very much a reflection of Morten Engelbrecht’s approach to design, where every aspect is thought through down to the smallest detail.

The Appetit table series is available in round, square, rectangular and elliptical versions. These come in variants in different sizes to suit any occasion. The frame is in polished aluminium, and the tabletop surface is available in laminate, oak and linoleum. The rounded corners give a soft look to the polished aluminium and chrome steel.

By default, we include castors, which can be installed instead of two set screws so the table can be mobile. The wheels are integrated into the leg and have the same height as the set screw in the lowest setting.

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Morten Engelbrecht

Morten Engelbrecht has lived and breathed furniture since he left school. First behind the counter and since 1989, as manufacturer in his own right.

With the Appetit table series, we see the first product where Engelbrecht independently formulates his own idea and designs, and completes the product himself.

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