Montana Free — A freestanding shelving system of 12 fixed compositions

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Montana Free is made for change. Leave your mark. Tell your stories.

The Montana Free shelving system is a new furniture for a new way of living. Stand-alone shelf, easy to assemble, irresistibly moveable. The Montana Free shelving system consists of 12 fixed compositions that come with or without an inserted shelf. Add the flexible textile panels for a touch of colours and alter the transparency of the shelving as desired.

The series is certified with the Danish Indoor Climate label as well as the official EU Ecolabel.

Designer: Jakob Wagner

About the series

The Montana Free shelving system consists of 12 standard compositions that you can choose with an optional interposed shelf. The standard compositions range in size and function from the smallest design: a two-shelf-bench that can fit under a window – to the largest solution: a six-shelf unit perfect as both an airy and decorative room divider or a spacious shelving unit placed against a wall.

The Montana Free shelving system is depth 38 cm and comes in New White, Black, Fjord, Beetroot, Black Jade, Masala and Iris-Masala mix. Montana Free is available in lacquer or structure lacquer. Structure lacquer is Montana lacquer with the addition of texture beads, small beads of PE plastic which make the surface scratch resistant, but has the same strength as Montana lacquer without the texture. The unit comprises feet, pillars and shelves. Montana Free is delivered flat-packed.

Optional, vertical textile panels allow you to play with colours and expressions, create personalised screens between rooms, and alter the transparency of the shelving as desired.

For more information about Montana Free products or if you need guidance in the different possibilities, you can find help at your nearest Montana retailer.

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Built on the freedom to change

Montana Free is designed to last. But also made for change. Because life changes. Your mood changes. Your needs change. So does Montana Free. Move it around, expand it, add more colours. Cover it with memories or go full-blown minimal. Share it with someone or keep it to yourself. Montana Free is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a big, open canvas.

The shelving system has all the marks of Montana’s unique DNA and the high quality you would expect.

Montana Free – The Teklan Edition

Montana launches a new collaboration with colourist and photographer Tekla Evelina Severin who has curated two new colours for the Montana Free shelving system. Explore Tekla’s daring combinations of the cheerful colours Iris and Masala in a pure expression of joy.

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