Composite sinks — Materials and care guide

Find information about the material and a guide on how to maintain Montana’s composite sink products.

About Composite sinks

Montana Bathroom sinks are manufactured in the lightweight and high-quality composite material Rector® – a cast solid surface material with a beautiful silky-matt homogenous surface that makes bacterial growth impossible. Rector® is a polyester-based material made from resin and pigments. Rector® sinks are designed by Montana and produced by Danish Kuma®.  

Care and maintenance

The smooth surface of Rector® repels water, is easy to clean and is resistant to chemicals and other cleaning materials. It is possible to polish and smoothen eventual scratches on the surface with wet sanding. Order maintenance kits via Kuma’s website. Kuma ships to the following countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Faroe Islands, France, Germany, Greenland. Costumers abroad in other countries are recommended to use plain cleanser dissolved in water (soapy water) for daily cleaning, seek guidance on Kuma's website.

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