Glass — Materials and care guide

Here you will find information about the material and a guide on how to maintain Montana’s glass products. 

About Glass

Montana offers top plates in clear glass (low-iron, not hardened) as well as clear glass doors. Both can be lacquered underneath or on the inner side. The front and rear edges are rounded. The end edges are straight. When a glass top plate section must cover several units, an extra 1 mm is calculated per unit.

Care and maintenance

Surfaces in glass are cleaned with a clean, dry cloth or with a cloth wrung out in clean water and then immediately wiped dry with a clean, dry cloth. A microfibre cloth can be a good alternative. Detergents with a spray function for glass cleaning can also be used, follow the product’s instructions and be careful only to spray on the glass. Do not use acid-based detergents for glass or abrasives as this will scratch the glass.

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