Montana Mega — A new series of nine pre-configured designs in mega-size

A haven of simplicity to the classic Montana system's almost endless possibilities.

We’re making it easier than ever for you to create personal storage solutions with colour and character. Montana Mega expands the Montana system with new sizes and a new approach. The designs have fixed heights and configurations.

A haven of simplicity compared to the classic Montana system’s almost endless possibilities. Mega modules are available on plinth and legs only. As always, our 40 eco-friendly lacquer colours make plenty of room for personality and unique style. 

Designer:  Peter J. Lassen

Unique and personal storage solutions

It has never been easier to express yourself with Montana… Nine designs. As simple as that. Three completely open modules perfectly presenting your personal treasures. Three modules with both open shelves and closed doors and drawers are a practical and good-looking mix. Three modules with only closed doors and drawers keep everything looking clean. Choose your composition. Play with our 40 eco-friendly colours and add style and personality to your home.

Montana Mega is certified with the EU Ecolabel

The new Montana Mega series is certified with the official EU Ecolabel. The objective of the label is to look at the product’s entire life cycle, from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal to reduce the environmental impact. Read more about Montana's other certifications and general environment and quality policy.

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A creative life at the crossroads between furniture, design, and art

We all have a natural need for personal spaces. This was the insight guiding Peter J. Lassen’s creation of the classic 12 mm Montana system. To this day, “making room for personality” is the guiding light for everything we do. Montana Mega expands the classic system with new sizes and a new approach but keeps this ambition close at heart.

Peter's love of playfulness, art and daring choices is always strongly reflected in our products. We still create furniture that frames your life with personality and provides personal space. As Peter J. Lassen would have wanted it.            

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