Inspiration — Creative colour styles and furniture for your home

Colour. Function. Style. Personality. Different choices for different homes.

Create the home of your dreams with the many possibilities of Montana. Get inspired by our six colour styles. Read about the 43 colours of our palette. And explore our inspirational rooms.

Mood, Atmosphere, Identity – Colours are so much more than colours

We all need a personal space. A place where we belong. Colours plays a big part in this. That’s why colours are at the heart of our designs. Colours affect and inspire. Light and glowing. Deep and dark. With 41 colours and endless combinations you get all the possibilities you could ever dream of. It’s up to you to make a choice.

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Inside the creative mind of – Swantje Hinrichsen

Colours are like therapy to Swantje. Suffering from emotional synaesthesia where feelings trigger perceptions means that every feeling has a colour. This is also how Swantje takes on the renovation and decoration of a room.

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