Bathroom — Let the day dawn with the delight of going beyond the purely practical

Create a bathroom that soaks you in luxury. Every morning and every night. Montana gives you the opportunity to fashion your bathroom into a space that reflects you. Softly and with refinement.

A flexible system

Feel free to compose your own bathroom creation. Montana Bathroom is a complete and flexible system that includes 14 sinks, 11 storage modules and 11 mirrors. The series is made from 12 mm water-resistant MDF. All modules, mirrors, handles and doors can be chosen in all of Montana’s 40 lacquer colours. It is possible to purchase Montana Bathroom products at Montana's retailers.

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Well-designed well-being

Start the day with a dose of well-designed well-being. Montana Bathroom offers different sinks, bathroom cabinets and bathroom mirrors that go seamlessly together. We give you the opportunity to paint your personal picture-perfect morning. A bathroom that frames your days in just the way you like.

Mirrors in all sizes and colours 

The Montana Bathroom mirrors are produced from 4 mm silvered glass placed on a 12 mm water-resistant MDF board with a 12 mm mirror frame. Choose the frame in one of our 42 colours.

A poetic range of 42 eco-friendly Montana colours

Montana’s functional and flexible system is featured in a range of 42 poetic and complex colours developed in close collaboration with the award-winning Danish designer and colour expert Margrethe Odgaard.

Colours mean everything. Ambience. Atmosphere. Identity. Colours are paramount in our design. We want to influence and inspire the world of interiors with our take on colours. Bright and light. Dense and deep. There is a colour for any purpose.

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