Bathroom — Let the day dawn with the delight of going beyond the purely practical

Create a bathroom that soaks you in luxury. Every morning and every night. Montana gives you the opportunity to fashion your bathroom into a space that reflects you. Softly and with refinement.

Dawn of new days

Brazen colours. Soothing simplicity. Or pampering pastels. Start and end the day in a nourishing oasis of luxury. Relish the freedom to choose exactly the colour and composition that make your mornings a delightful experience. Montana lets you combine zink modules with cabinets, drawers and mirrors. All in matching poetic colours as eco-friendly as the lotion you put on your skin. Proudly crafted to make every morning and night exclusively yours.

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Well-designed well-being

Create a calm and clean bathroom to start the day in a soothing atmosphere of self-reflection. Montana offers different sinks, bathroom cabinets and bathroom mirrors that go seamlessly together. We give you the opportunity to paint your personal picture-perfect morning. A bathroom that frames your days in just the way you like. Pick your colours from our carefully curated palette to express the ongoing invention of your individuality.

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