Inside the creative mind of — Cathrine de Lichtenberg

Influencer Cathrine de Lichtenberg lives with her husband Anders and dog Pedersen in a subdivided old patrician villa from 1898 in the municipality of Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, Denmark. Read along for a peek inside the creative mind of Cathrine de Lichtenberg.

Inspiration is all around

Everything from flowers and colours to fruits, furniture and materials can quickly plant a seed of inspiration which Cathrine wish to implement in her home. This type of inspiration is often translated into new wall colours, crooked jugs, coloured glasses, new furniture or a total redecoration of the interior. It’s the energy of the room and new inspiration that spark the need for change in general.

Even though I like all colours, I’m very aware of how they are mixed and what energy they bring. Our kitchen is filled with strong colours, whereas our bathroom is kept in calm and cooler nuances, as this is the room where we slowly start the day.

Cathrine de Lichtenberg

Cathrine's three favourites

We asked Cathrine to choose three of her favourite colours from our new colour palette representing her personality. Cathrine chose the colours Monarch, Iris and Mushroom. She believes this is the mix that describe her the best. Monarch is a safe choice, Iris is playful and add an extra pow, and Mushroom is natural, down to earth and brings it all together while enhancing the different colours. Contrast and balance are key in Cathrine’s interior decisions. The magic of Mushroom is that it appears beige at first glance, but when you look closer, you notice a delicate and radiant pink nuance, which is beautiful along with the structured surface.

To Cathrine a colourful interior makes her happy to the core. “Our home is our sanctuary and playground, and there are no rules of right or wrong.” She believes that everyone would be happier if they lived with all their favourite things and colours – even if it challenges all the rules in the "design book".

Cathrine's advice – follow your gut

Do you want to take your cues from Cathrine? She encourages you to follow your gut and not be limited by a certain styme or rule: "It's important to create a foundation of peace and functionality. Try out new colours by testing with a bouquet of flowers or a dish of fruits and vegetables. You will quickly work out if the chosen colour fit the room and if it brings the energy you wish for. Afterwards, you can implement the colour with a vase, bowl, wall colour or fabric."

A couple of years ago, Cathrine was reluctant to use the colour orange in her home, but at the same time she loved a colourful dish of oranges. She went with her gut and bought a Snoopy lamp from FLOS in orange, and now she loves the energetic orange colour.

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Contrast and balance are to me very important, and I try limiting myself in not putting all colours into one room. Therefore, I aim at having two dominant colours and a twist of a third. For example in the living room, where blue and purple are dominant.

Cathrine de Lichtenberg
There’s something liberating in going with the flow and not having set your mind on a specific style or look. Don’t be afraid of trying things out or painting a wall. If you change your mind – you can always repaint.
Cathrine de Lichtenberg

Colour as therapy

Colours to Cathrine are both a sort of therapy and sanctuary. Whenever she throws herself at a new decoration project in her home, she works with emotions and energies, and hardly ever have a plan to begin with. Go about it as Cathrine and build your own Montana composition in our vibrant colour palette.  

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