Multi Table Flexible tables with a simple design

Multi Table – tables for the canteen and conference room. 

The versatile and elegant Multi Tables are ideal for both kitchen and cantine areas, for meetings and conferences or as a working station at the office. The series consists of three different types of tables – Multi Table, Multi Café and Multi Speaker. All tables are available in a great selection of colours and sizes on tabletops, which make the multifunctional tables an obvious choice for both home and office.

Designers: Peter J. Lassen & Joakim Lassen

About the series

The Multi Tables are available in 11 table sizes in lengths from 400-120 cm, which makes the table an ideal choice for both a meeting and conference room or a canteen area. It is possible to add components such as wire ducting, wireless phone chargers, powerdots, cable trays, cable stockings, plug wells, or pen trays. When ordering a plug well or other components for the tabletop, you must also choose a cable tray. The Multi Tables can carry a load of max 100 kg, evenly distributed. 

The Multi Café tables are available in 9 sizes and come in two different shapes – round and square in 4 standard heights. The tables are ideal for meetings, exhibitions, as a café or lounge table. With gas height-adjustment, they can be set from 70-114 cm. Tabletops exceeding 80 x 80 cm cannot be mounted with gas height-adjustment. It is possible to add components such as powerdots and cable concealers for the tables. Multi Café tables can carry a load of max 20 kg.

The Multi Speaker is ideal for use in conference rooms or large teaching rooms. The lectern, with its sloping panel, enables the speaker to place a script or laptop computer at a good, standing, working height. The Multi Speaker is available in 2 fixed heights and with pneumatic height-adjustment.

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Tabletops and leg profiles

Multi Table and Multi Café tabletops are available in laminate, micro laminate, linoleum and veneer. However, micro laminate is not offered for the Multi Speaker. The tabletops come as standard with edges in lacquered MDF to match the surface. When ordering, specify your preference for painted edges in colours to counterbalance the standard surfaces, apart from veneers and micro laminate. There may be minor differences in the veneer patterns.

The leg profile is a round Ø60-mm column, which is available powder-coated in the colours Aluminum, Snow, Black, Beige and Black Red. Feet in chrome and leg profile in polished aluminium are available at an additional charge.

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