Erik Magnussen — 1940-2014

Erik Magnussen graduated as a ceramicist in 1960 and started working for highly esteemed Bing & Grøndahl as an industrial designer. Since the late 1970s, Magnussen has been synonymous with the Stelton thermos.

A key theme of Erik Magnussen’s work is simplicity – nothing is superfluous. 

Magnussen had a pragmatic view on design. First and foremost, design should be functional and durable.

Morten Engelbrecht

The Chairik chair is an archetypal example of simplicity: with a two-dimensional, easily manufactured shell, Erik Magnussen achieved a high level of comfort and design.

Erik Magnussen's designs are exhibited in museums across the world and he has received many acknowledgements and awards for his work, including the Red Dot award in 2011 for PLATEAU. Magnussen was the youngest person ever to receive the Lunning Prize in 1967 and has been elected “Honorary Royal Designer for Industry” by The Royal Society of Art in London.

Chairik – the ideal chair for conference rooms and teaching facilities

Chairik equals stackable comfort. With extraordinary stacking performance, up to 45 chairs on each trolley, Chairik is the perfect space saver when stored. Chairik is made for audiences that come and go and, when stacked, you can store up to 1000 Chairik chairs in just 14 square meters.

No matter which way you rotate or turn the chair, Chairik is the uttermost complete and simplified design. The design was based on studies of the best possibilities of utilizing compression molded plywood and plastic, making it incredibly comfortable. 

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Foldit – an elegant and functional folding table

Foldit is an elegant and functional folding table designed by Erik Magnussen. The table does not look like a folding table, yet retains the advantages of one; it can be brought out or put away in a few seconds and does not compromise on stability or functionality.

Link the tables together for large set-ups. Ideal for learning, conferences and meetings. Foldit is perfect for meeting and conference rooms, teaching facilities, and function rooms. It is easy to store on a transport trolley with room for 10 tables.

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