System guide — Get the complete guide for your configuration

Colour and surfaces – a colour palette of 42 poetic colours

Throughout history humans have gone to great lengths to add colour to objects, clothes and works of art – subtracting colour pigments from minerals, bugs, cobber and even arsenic, lead and radium to get the colour just right. Luckily, today the process of creating new colours is less comprehensive and definitely less poisonous. While not using actual pigments from nature, many of our colours take their inspiration from nature and the world around us; spices, plants and herbs.

The Montana colour palette spans cold to warm colours, and light to dark colours to encompass all moods and ambiences. Each colour has its own texture and surface – see the descrip­tions of these, and the approximate NCS/RAL reference in the chart below.

Pleasant to the touch: Balanced in the spectrum from gloss and matt smooth through velvety soft to slightly raised, the surfaces form an alliance with the shade which in its totality expresses the personality of each colour.

Download colour list with RAL/NCS



Velvet Smooth

The Velvet Smooth is a soft to the touch, completely smooth surface that catches and reflects light in a delicate and subtle way.

Semi Gloss Smooth

The Semi Gloss Smooth surface has modest gloss levels with a subtle and soft reflection of light.

High Gloss Smooth

The High Gloss Smooth has a glossy, smooth finish without exaggerating its reflective qualities.

Matt High Structure

The Matt High Structure has a delicately grained texture that redirects light in many different directions and hence appears matt.

Matt Shimmer Structure

The Matt Shimmer Structure has few tiny reflective particles in its lightly structured surface that subtly reflects the light in the overall matt surface.

Matt Micro Structure

The Matt Micro Structure has a very fine grained feel, a matt understated elegance with a soft, subtle reflection of light.


The black and white oak veneer gives an elegant and high-quality impression, not least thanks to the clearly tangible effect of its real wood feel.

Montana System – endless posibilities with 36 basic modules


36 basic units in 4 depths

The Montana System comprises 36 basic units in 4 depths. If you want to design your own personal combinations, the basic units can be supplemented with various components.

The present examples of finished shelving units on this webpage can be assembled into combinations. They can also be adapted to your individual preferences and needs, using additional components. Contact one of our dealers for the full scope of individualisation.


Use the star system to find the units and components that match each other in size. In the table below you will see the star values and the equivalent measurements in cm. Montana's measurements are based on the traditional DIN formats, which makes Montana ideal for storing paper, folders, books etc.


Shelving units are delivered ready for assembly on a plinth, legs, castors, base unit or, when fitted with suspension rails, for hanging on walls.

Internal depth

When choosing Montana shelving units, it may be helpful to know the internal depth of open units and the depth behind doors. The table below gives the internal dimensions for the four units depth in the Montana System.

Depth 20 cm
  • In open units: 18.7 cm
  • Behind doors: 16.1 cm

Depth 30 cm
  • In open units: 28.7 cm
  • Behind doors: 26.1 cm

Depth 38 cm
  • In open units: 36.7 cm
  • Behind doors: 34.1 cm

Depth 46.8 cm
  • In open units: 45.5 cm
  • Behind doors: 42.9 cm


Components – customise your personal shelving

A wealth of components allow you to design your own personal Montana. Start with the basic unit and build your shelving from scratch (only possible if you contact your nearest Montana retailer), or give your pre-defined shelving unit extra functionality with a matching component.