Living Things — A new series of plant and storage boxes

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Personalise your greenery and magazines in 41 colours and eight sizes

Living Things is a new series of plant and storage boxes in eight different sizes. The modules can be put on top of a shelving module or paired with legs or castors. Create a personalised combination of colours and spotlight your favourite greenery, magazines or spirits selection. The planters are made of 12 mm water-resistant MDF and come in Montana’s 41 lacquer colours.

The new series is part of the original Montana System and is certified with the Danish Indoor Climate label as well as the official EU Ecolabel.

Designer: Peter J. Lassen

About the series

Living Things plant boxes come in 8 different sizes with or without room dividers. With a room divider, the larger room can be used for plants and the small one for magazines or the like. 

Living Things plant and storage modules are made of 12-mm water-resistant MDF and are available in all Montana's 41 lacquer colours. The module has a reinforced bottom and can only be stacked on other modules, on castors or on legs. All planters come with adhesive anti-slip pads.

The modules are made of water-resistant MDF, but care must be taken not to spill water in the bottom of the modules. Plants should be placed in a waterproof saucer. 

For more information about Living Things products or if you need guidance in the different possibilities, you can find help at your nearest Montana retailer.

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Choose between three positions

Living Things plant and storage boxes are versatile and can stand on other modules or be paired with castors or legs. As standard, the castors come in black, and legs in either matt chrome, brass or lacquered in Black or Snow. 

To customize your Living Things plant and storage box with coloured castors or legs, you must order the module with no position and order castors or legs separately. Try one of the new leg colours – Flint, Rosehip, Mushroom and Parsley. For more information, contact your nearest Montana retailer.


Four new leg colours

In addition to the product launch of the Living Things series, Montana also presents four new leg colours in Flint, Rosehip, Mushroom and Parsley. The new colours are added to the existing range of colour options Snow, Black, matt chrome and brass and are available for all Montana products in 12 mm MDF.

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