Montana Cargo — Storage modules for a tranquil workspace

Flexible storage solutions for office environments.

The Cargo unit is suited for creating a tranquil workspace at the individual workplace. The interior of Montana Cargo is versatile. The unit can be supplied with a lock when used for personal storage. Cargo is offered in all 40 Montana lacquer colours.  

Designer:  Peter J. Lassen

Montana Cargo measures

The Cargo unit is available in the heights 70.4 cm and 114 cm and the widths 80 cm and 90 cm in Montana's 40 eco-friendly lacquer colours. The module inside the garage has a width of 70.4 cm that is fully extendable with a soft-close extension and two castors mounted under the unit that ensures stability and makes the unit easy to move around.


Montana Cargo components

All Montana Cargo inner modules are 70.4 cm wide and made of 16 mm MDF. The drawer casing is made of white-pigmented solid wood. Pen trays have casing in white lacquered MDF. Drawers and trays can be positioned throughout the unit. The layout options of Montana Cargo are multiple, and the unit can be fitted with a lock when it is to be used for personal storage. 

A creative life at the crossroads between furniture, design, and art

We all have a natural need for personal spaces. This was the insight guiding Peter J. Lassen’s creation of the classic 12 mm Montana system. To this day, “making room for personality” is the guiding light for everything we do. Montana Mega expands the classic system with new sizes and a new approach but keeps this ambition close at heart.

Peter's love of playfulness, art and daring choices is always strongly reflected in our products. We still create furniture that frames your life with personality and provides personal space. As Peter J. Lassen would have wanted it.            

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