Bathroom — Let the day dawn with the delight of going beyond the purely practical

Create a bathroom that soaks you in luxury. Every morning and every night. Montana gives you the opportunity to fashion your bathroom into a space that reflects you. Softly and with refinement.

Montana Bathroom – well-designed bathroom furniture

Montana Bathroom is a complete and flexible system that includes 14 sinks, 11 storage modules and 11 mirrors. The series is made from 12 mm water-resistant MDF. All modules, mirrors, handles and doors can be chosen in all of Montana’s 41 water-based lacquer colours. The series is part of the original Montana System and is certified with the Danish Indoor Climate label.

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Well-being in 41 colours

Create a calm and clean bathroom to start the day in a soothing atmosphere of self-reflection. Montana offers different sinks, bathroom cabinets and bathroom mirrors that go seamlessly together. We give you the opportunity to paint your personal picture-perfect morning. A bathroom that frames your days in just the way you like. Pick your colours from our carefully curated palette to express the ongoing invention of your individuality.

Montana Bathroom is made from 12 mm water resistant MDF. Alle modules, mirrors, handles and doors can be chosen in all of Montana's 41 waterbased lacquer colours.

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