JW Table JW180

  • Colour: White oak

EUR 5 010,61

  • 5 year guarantee
  • EU Ecolabel certified
  • Danish production
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JW Table JW180 details

The table has a visual slim simplicity with a frame discretely tucked under the tabletop. The triangular legs look sharp and are angled a little to create better legroom for the guests around the table. In spite of this light and slim appearance the table’s structure is still solid and stable. The JW Table comes in eight standard sizes; both round and rectangular. The table is perfect for entertaining guests in the living room and for long meetings at the office. Additional plates can be purchased for certain models.
Jakob Wagner

Colours and materials — Tabletop surfaces


  • 38 Snow
    Look: Matt/ Feel: Structure
  • 38S Snow Silk
  • 09 Nordic
  • 04 Anthracite
  • 110 Blue Pastel
  • 157L Cumin


  • Black/Forbo 4023
  • Grey/Forbo 4132
  • Light Grey/Forbo 4176
    Look: Matt/Feel: High Structure
  • Anthracite/Forbo 4166
  • Mauve/Forbo 4172
  • Burgundy/Forbo 4154
  • Salsa/Forbo 4164
  • Smokey Blue/Forbo 4179
  • Pistachio/Forbo 4183

Nano laminate

  • Black Nano
    Look: Matt Shimmer/Feel: Structure
  • Clay Nano
  • Blue Fes


  • White Oak
  • Nature Oak
  • Black Oak

Solid wood

  • 300W Solid Oak
  • 200W Solid Douglas White

Colours and materials — Frame

Powder coated aluminium

  • 38 Snow
    Look: Matt/ Feel: Structure
  • 05 Black
    Look: Semi Gloss/Feel: Smooth
  • 15 Beige
  • 07 Black Red
  • 147 Shadow
    Look: Velvet/ Feel: Smooth
  • 136 Pine
    Look: Matt/Feel: High Structure
  • 145 Rosehip
    Look: Velvet/ Feel: Smooth
  • Polished Aluminium

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