Colour Class #7Blending past and present 

In this 7th episode of Colour Class, we venture into the enchanting streets of Frederiksberg, renowned for its historic villas and impeccable craftsmanship. Nestled among these architectural wonders is a house erected in 1898, where Cathrine resides with her husband Anders and their two daughters.

Our objective for this project was to seamlessly integrate the newer kitchen with the home's numerous original features, enhancing its beautiful historical charm.

Join us for this edition of Colour Class as we explore how colours have turned the room into a sanctuary, providing ample visual space for Cathrine's cherished vintage discoveries.

The mission was to better integrate the newer kitchen with the numerous original details and to highlight the beautiful historical features.

Céline Hallas

Location: In Frederiksberg, there are streets where no two villas are alike, and each house exudes history and fantastic craftsmanship. On one such street stands today's house, built in 1898. Here resides Cathrine with her husband Anders and their two young daughters.

Mission: The mission was to better integrate the newer kitchen with the numerous original details and to highlight the beautiful historical features.

Colours: It's hard to overlook the fantastic tall panels in this room, especially with their built-in small side cabinets. However, in their previous white colour, they somewhat faded into the background, which we set out to change. Therefore, all the woodwork was painted this classic green hue, demanding attention in every way and counterbalancing the weight of the darker, newer kitchen. The built-in corner cabinets with glass doors were elegantly highlighted by painting their interiors pink.

Just outside the large glass doors, there's plenty of greenery, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor environments in the summer. Sitting at the beautiful Onyx table right there in the doorway between inside and out must be a fantastic feeling.

Since Cathrine loves colours and lives with plenty of vintage finds in glass, steel, and silver, we knew the room would undergo many transformations. Thus, we chose to create a sense of calm in the space by painting the ceiling and walls in the same subtle and light green shade.

One thing was crucial for Cathrine, and that was the colour blue – it brings her joy! Therefore, the large glass partition was beautifully framed by delicate light blue curtains. On the opposite side of the room stand two Montana storage towers, both in blue, one in the light Oyster shade and the other in the dark Juniper hue. Here, all of Cathrine's fantastic finds are displayed, with one tower even containing a bar module. Warmth is added to the room through the leather on both the dining chairs and bar stools.

In this project, we succeeded in creating a balanced space by adding more weight in some areas and lightness in others. As a result, we've crafted a room where the kitchen is a part of but doesn't dominate, providing plenty of visual space for all of Cathrine's fantastic vintage discoveries, both current and future.

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