Maximum Memphis — Colour like there's no tomorrow

You probably guessed it already; this is not the bluesy, rock’n’roll kind of Memphis. This is the Italian, 1980’s kind. Fearless, adventurous, and cutting edge. 

Graphic expressions, geometrical shapes, and contrasting blocks of colour

Starting with a base of white and black, we urge you to explore bold graphic expressions, geometrical shapes, and contrasting blocks of colour. Make room for a bit of white space for the eye to rest. And then get back at it with the piercing blue Monarch, the bright orangey-red Rosehip, and the mesmerizingly deep Azure.

A playful, energetic, and quirky style that’s impossible to ignore

Maximise simplicity while still maintaining recognizable, geometric shapes

Montana Home catalogue 22/23

We’re exploring lively vibrant colours and clean calm spaces, celebrating the imperfections, decluttering your spaces and introducing new home office solutions as well as a striking new set of legs – all so you can get the infinite possibilities that our recently deceased founder, Peter J. Lassen, always dreamt of.

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