Werkhalle Ravensburg Offices — A location from the industrial age turned into a modern creative hub

An old factory facility turned into an open and multi-functional space with workstations for creatives. Although thoroughly renovated the space still has an industrial rawness to it – bright and high-ceilinged it provides room for lofty thoughts. Montana has delivered Hilow 2 tables for the workstations.    

Case: Werkhalle, Ravensburg
Year: 2020
Location: Ravensburg, Germany
In collaboration with: Bächlemeid Architekten Konstanz
Products: HiLow 2 

The HiLow series — Height-adjustable work desks

HiLow is a series of height adjustable office desks that encourage you to do your work both standing and seated. The tabletop’s edge profile is the classic bevelled Montana profile. The depth of the office table makes room for both keyboard, screen, arm support and a good viewing distance. The frame of the table is designed to provide free legroom. HiLow components can be included as optional extras when fitting the tabletop.

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