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Factory image of the waterbased and eco-friendly Montana lacquer | Montana Furniture
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Environment and quality

At Montana, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Over 25 years ago, we introduced our own set of environmental accounts in consultation with The Danish Environmental Protection Agency

Eu Ecolabel Certificate | Montana Furniture
The Indoor Climate Label certificate | Montana Furniture
ISO 14001 certificate | Montana Furniture
ISO 18001 certificate | Montana Furniture


The Montana shelving modules carry the EU Ecolabel, the Danish Indoor Climate Label, the ISO 14001 (environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety) standards.

Further, Montana became one of the first Danish businesses to run ‘cradle-to-grave’ analyses of the environmental consequences of a given product. Since 2007, we have exclusively used water-based lacquer colours, which neither smell nor contain solvents.


EU Ecolabel

In 2019 Montana was awarded the official EU Ecolabel and is thereby among the very first Danish furniture manufacturers to achieve it. When developing EU Ecolabel criteria for products, the focus is on the product's entire lifecycle, from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal.

CEO at Montana Joakim Lassen says: "Achieving this certification has been very important to us, and it's something we've worked towards for a long time. I'm delighted that Montana is one of the first furniture manufacturers in Europe to achieve it because I consider sustainability a key part of our responsibilities as a manufacturer in Denmark."

The objective of the EU Ecolabel is to reduce the overall environmental impact of the production and consumption of goods. The label looks at the entire product’s life cycle and the environmental problems that arise along the way – for the benefit of people, the environment and the earth’s resources.

The EU Ecolabel guarantees:

  • that a high percentage of wood is from legal sustainably managed forests
  • tough restrictions on the use of environmentally hazardous substances
  • tough restrictions on the use of toxic substances
  • that wood has low emissions of the allergenic substance formaldehyde
  • a 5-year product guarantee (Montana has opted to retain its 10-year product guarantee, which you can read more about in the bottom of this page)
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Companies are the most powerful drivers in terms of making the world a better place


Joakim Lassen, CEO

Still, more companies and private consumers are concerned about their environmental footprint when furnishing their offices or homes. The EU Ecolabel enhances the sustainability of Montana's products, ensures transparency and provides consumers and retailers with a recognisable marker when choosing products.

All our products are developed and made in Denmark. We have over 160 employees under one roof, all applying their expertise in processing, painting and assembly. This ensures that our high standards of quality are maintained and that everything is produced under conditions that respect our workforce and the world around us.

Companies are no longer judged solely based on profit or international rankings. Instead, they're judged by the footprint they leave, and that is why we always work with high-quality standards to ensure that our furniture will survive for generations and can be moved from room to room as the needs of a house change over time.

CEO, Joakim Lassen


Montana's products are manufactured at our factory in Haarby in Denmark, with the exception of Panton One, Panton Wire, Panton Bachelor, Pantonova and Guest which are all manufactured in Europe.

Design requirements and quality control ensure that Montana shelving, when used correctly has a long life circle. For the correctly mounted and deployed Montana products, and for use under normal circumstances including load recommendations, the Montana Furniture A/S 10-year guarantee covers design, moving parts and functionality. For chairs, rector® wash basins, electronic and hydraulic components: 5 years. With regards to the durability of the lacquer, normal considerations regarding wear and tear apply.

Discontinued colors and sizes in the Montana storage system and table surfaces can be replenished according to a quotation up to 10 years after the color or size has expired. However, there may be variations in lacquer shades as well as design enhancements as a result of new technology and raw material. The replenishment guarantee makes Montana products a sound, long-term investment. Learn more about the replenishment guarantee through Montana’s retailers.


Montana environment
Montana environment
Montana environment
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