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Our design requirements and quality control ensure that your Montana products, when used correctly last for a lifetime. Montana became one of the first Danish businesses to run ‘cradle-to-grave’ analyses of the environmental consequences of a given product. Our shelving modules are certified with the Danish Indoor Climate Label, the ISO 14001 (environmental), and recently we were awarded the official EU Ecolabel. Below, you can read more about our guarantees.

Products with 10-year guarantee

For the correctly mounted and deployed Montana products, and for use under normal circumstances including load recommendations, the Montana Furniture A/S 10-year guarantee covers design, moving parts and functionality. This 10-year guarantee replies to the Montana System, Montana Mini, Montana Free and Montana CO16. With regards to the durability of the lacquer, normal considerations regarding wear and tear apply. Scratches can be improved by applying paint repair, which you can get in all current colours at Montana’s dealers.


Montana system for both living and dining room. Colors in brown, orange and light blue. Here seen with built-in bench | Montana Furniture

Products with 5-year guarantee

For the rest of the Montana product range; Panton product series, chairs, rector® wash basins, electronic and hydraulic components, Montana Furniture A/S offer a 5-year guarantee. All claims must be handled through the specific Montana dealer, where the product was purchased. If you experience difficulties with getting in contact with the dealer please contact us at

Many of Montana's products are produced with care for the environment. An example is the Panton One chair, which was introduced in 2019 in a new edition with hand weaved paper string. The FSC® certified paper string is a natural material made from paper originating from sustainable forests. The Panton One with paper string is available as a dining chair, bar stool and a kitchen chair. At Montana, we take the environment and quality seriously. Over 25 years ago, we introduced our own set of environmental account in consultation with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.


HiLow 2 hæve-sænke skrivebord med bordskærme velegnet til en arbejdsstation | Montana Furniture
Large Panton Wire set in black and two Pantonova chairs with leather cushion | Montana Furniture
Montana System | Large bookcase in multicolor such as purple, olive green, turquoise, red and brown with open spaces for storage in the living room or in the office | Montana Furniture

Look after your new Montana product


Find maintenance and cleaning instructions so you can look after your new Montana product and keep it for generations.


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