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Montana Lockers are smart personal storage solutions that maximise the space and functionality of a locker and support all the benefits of a flexible environment. Montana Lockers can be adapted to suit any kind of office, gym, or schools as well as other types of public activity spaces. In 2017 Montana delivered 1,360 lockers for the new iconic concert building, Royal Arena, in Copenhagen.

Design: Peter J. Lassen

HiLow height-adjustable table series and Montana Lockers⎟Montana Furniture
Montana locker in Royal Arena
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Montana Locker composition with 6 rooms | Montana Furniture

6 rooms

Montana Lockers storage with 8 lockable cabinets in the colour dark gray | Montana Furniture

8 rooms

Montana Lockers storage with 9 lockable cabinets | Montana Furniture

9 rooms

Montana Lockers storage with 12 lockable cabinets  | Montana Furniture

12 rooms

Montana colour chart | Choose from 40 eco-friendly lacquer colours and 2 veneers for your Montana shelving system | Montana Furniture

All 42 colours

Lockers Workbenches with open cupboard in the colour light blue | Montana Furniture

Open locker with mailslot

Montana Lockers mailslot


Montana Lockers with horizontal numbering

Horizontal numbering

Lockers coloured personalization cabinets light blue perfect for office, concert hall, gymnasium or schools or other types of public activities detail | Montana Furniture

Vertikal numbering

Lockers Staff cabinets with keylock in colour light blue perfect for office, concert hall, gymnasium or schools or other forms of public activities detail | Montana Furniture

Key lock

Personal storage solutions for flexible spaces

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The Montana lockers hold endless possibilities and can be adapted into any workplace design in various ways through colours and composition.

Lockers are essential to the success of any flexible workplace design organized with no-fixed seating. Collaboration and mobility are increasingly important yet employees still need to have a space of their own that physically connects them with the work environment. The effectiveness of lockers in the work environment is increased when the connection to it is seamless. Lockers work best when they are integrated into the overall design and function of the workspace, whilst being located appropriately to work activity.

The Montana Lockers consist of four key modules in two depths, created from the existing Montana system's basic modules and with modularity as the cornerstone of the design.

The lockers can be mounted on the wall or on a plinth, different locking solutions and mechanisms can be embedded. The lockers are available in all of Montana's 42 lacquer colours and can be applied with decal numbers placed either vertically or horizontally.

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Peter J. Lassen





42 water-based lacquer colours



The locker modules are produced in 16 mm MDF with shelves and partitions in 12 mm MDF.

The hinges are mounted with reinforced euroscrews that make the modules more robust. Suspension can also be selected and are also reinforced. The door is similarly supplied with a strengthened stop.

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Lockers can be selected with suspension rail or plinth.

Manuel key locks and card-operated locks with battery can be applied to the modules.

Mail slot:
The doors which are all 32,8 cm x 44,1 cm can be shortened by 2 cm, and a mail slot function can be added with an internal shelf at the top of the locker to collect post.

The numbering of the doors is also optional and is composed of 4 cm tall numbers with three (or more) digits placed in the upper right corner of the door above the handle. The number can have the following placements: A = horizontally or B= vertically. The colour is a light grey and is visible on all our colours.

Lockers linedrawing

Product number L1832
H 184.4 cm x W 104.6 cm (*32 x *18) with 12 compartments

Product number L1824
H 138.8 cm x W 104.6 cm (*24 x *18) with 9 compartments

Product number L1232
H 184.4 cm x W 70.4 cm (*32 x *12) with 8 compartments

Product number L1224
H 138.8 cm x W 70.4 cm (*24 x *12) with 6 compartments






3D files and images

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