Anything Goes — Embracing all the perfect imperfections

Step into a playful and passionate exploration of the place we call home. Eclectic patterns, bold choices, bright colours and loud laughs galore. 

As for the colours? Only one rule applies – the more, the merrier.

The all-embracing free space where you can experiment and create a perfectly colour coordinated oasis – to match a rich life of hectic mornings, chaotic lunches, kitchen parties and oatmeal on the ceiling.

Mix and match in whatever way you can possibly imagine.

Create a luxuriously positive ambience with Parsley and Monarch. Mix and match in whatever way you can possibly imagine. This is the place for good vibes, colour collisions, bold patterns and deliberate mismatches.

Montana Home catalogue 22/23

We’re exploring lively vibrant colours and clean calm spaces, celebrating the imperfections, decluttering your spaces and introducing new home office solutions as well as a striking new set of legs – all so you can get the infinite possibilities that our recently deceased founder, Peter J. Lassen, always dreamt of.

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