Girly Blooming — A sweet floral romance with a twist of kapow

Fancy cocktails. Striking colourful dresses. Summer all year long. The bright and joyful tones can take you all the way from soft, floral romance – to loud, colourful kapow. Where you decide to go, is all up to you.

A feeling of pure life

Rhubarb, Cumin, Mist, Oat, and Iris all have a distinct dash of decadence that sparks a vibrant feeling of pure life. All colours are intertwined and closely related in the colour style Girly Blooming. Get inspiration on how to combine colours and create your unique Montana composition from the colour style Girly Blooming.

The more, the merrier — Decor for the dining room

A bright and colourful good morning — Make-up and bedroom units

Dress up to stay in — Storage and display with trays