The sheer joy of colours — by Tekla

Following our recent introduction of three new poetic hues to our colour palette, we have invited Swedish multidisciplinary designer and colourist Tekla Evelina Severin to delve into the many possibilities of the new colours Ruby, Acacia, and Clay.

Watch how the colours unfold through Tekla's three scenarios: Bedroom and wardrobe, Living room, and Home office – where everything is carefully selected, positioned, and colour-coordinated to bring joy to the room.

Interior architect and photographer

Tekla trained as an interior architect before taking to Instagram to express her frustration with the dominance of bland beige and grey tones in the interiors around her.

Since 2012, her Instagram profile @teklan has been a paean to colour, line and shape. Abstract images, still lifes and wallpaper compete for attention in a grid that readily reminds the viewer of the sheer joy of colour.

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