Køge Gymnasium — From exams and test to conferences and events

Køge Gymnasium is an educational institution that accommodates students and staff in a multitude of functions – from exams and test to conferences and events. The furniture that forms the framework of these events must be both durable and operable to deal with, but also beautiful and with a pervasive colour theme.  

Case: Køge Gymnasium
Location: Køge, Denmark 
Products: Chairik 107 chairs & Foldit 
Architects: Architects Køge
Year: 2017

About the project

Køge Gymnasium is an institution that places high demands on how many people can attend a conference, exam or other joint event – as these large assemblies of people form the framework for both the teacher-student community and the defining things in ending school life.

A high school is an institution that should by nature be able to do many, often drastic, different things, and this must be able to be done without a lot of unnecessary work. This is very much reflected in the Køge Gymnasium’s multi-hall – In this hall not only must conferences and other meetings for teachers, pupils and parents, for the multi-hall also acts as sports hall and examination room when these functions are needed.

Therefore, it is especially important for the Køge Gymnasium that the conference chairs are as easily manageable as possible. Chairik is ideal in this regard:

  • The smart design makes them both extremely easy, and therefore also extremely fast, to move around, in addition it is possible to stack them without any hassle. Their efficiency in terms of space is also flashy – 1000 chairs can be stored in just 14 m2, which is an advantage when you are a high school that does not have infinitely much space.
  • • To give the room its own expression, Køge Gymnasium has taken advantage of the many possibilities for adapting the appearance of the Chairik chairs. Here they have chosen some colours that go well with the multi-hall floor, which is characterized by colored stripes that define various courses for sports.
  • The Chairik chairs have been designed to be used by a large number of people. Therefore, they are made of very durable materials and covered in a thin shell melamine. This shell is also the one that can give the chair its unique expression of colours.

So it was not without contemplation that Chairik was chosen, since Køge Gymnasium needed to acquire seating furniture for the multi-hall, which in many ways is the focal point for much of the life that takes place in high school.

Chairik — The ideal chair for conference rooms and teaching facilities

Chairik equals stackable comfort. With extraordinary stacking performance, up to 45 chairs on each trolley, Chairik is the perfect space saver when stored. Chairik is made for audiences that come and go and, when stacked, you can store up to 1000 Chairik chairs in just 14 square meters.

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