Living Places by VELUX — Healthy, sustainable homes

Montana has delivered furniture for the innovative partnership project Living Places by VELUX, EFFEKT and Artelia Denmark, focusing on fostering healthy, sustainable homes and responsible and regenerative building solutions. We're happy to contribute by providing a range of furniture, including the EU Ecolabelled and PEFC-certified Montana System, Montana Selection, and the Aveny-T chair made in sustainable recycled plastic.

Case: Living Places by VELUX
Year: 2023
Location: Copenhagen SV, Denmark
Products: Montana Selection, Montana System, and the Aveny-T chair

The buildings

The Living Places initiative comprises seven buildings, including five open pavilions and two fully constructed homes. These structures showcase the vision of creating residences that promote well-being and sustainability.

The concept

In collaboration with EFFEKT and Artelia, VELUX introduced the Living Places concept as an innovative approach to contemporary construction methods. The aim is to challenge the building industry and create responsible and regenerative solutions that benefit both individuals and the environment.

Materials and construction

Every aspect of the project, from materials to design and construction techniques, was meticulously chosen with the goal of minimizing environmental impact and enhancing human health. By carefully evaluating each decision made throughout the building's life cycle, the team managed to achieve a remarkable accomplishment: a carbon footprint three times smaller than that of an average single-family Danish house, while also delivering a superior indoor climate.

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