Block Colours — A little drop of crazy never hurt anyone

Step into powerful contrasts and strong, bright colours. Radiant spice markets. Eclectic architecture. Bold style icons. Blending strong colours with muted tones will create the maximum punch. Like a welcomed kick in the eye on a grey day.

Fill your home with a vibrant and energetic ambience

Monarch, Black Jade, Hazelnut, Iris and Balsamic are here to brighten up your surroundings. All nuances work together as a close-knit family so you can mix and match as you please, and create the balance that’s just right for you. Get inspiration on how to combine colours and create your unique Montana composition from the colour style Block colours.

A colourful kick in the eye on a grey day — Shelving with push-doors

Vivid and bright colours but naturally balanced — Sideboards and TV-storage